Bat-Boy Tim Says Boo!

September 7, 2021

The School of Monsters is a 5 book series which features beautiful illustrations and simple rhyming vocabulary with large text. The characters in these books are always causing mischief and figuring out how to solve problems. Your young readers will begin reading the words in blue text on each page and build up to reading the whole book.

Bat-Boy Tim Says Boo! is my favorite books from this series. He goes around school trying to scare his friends and getting in their way. He knocks over games and jumps out at his friends (even causing one to fart.) His friends don't like his behavior and refuse to play with him. Tim needs to figure out at way to say sorry. He writes apologies to all his friends to make things all better.

At the end of each Monster book is a vocabulary page. The words have green, orange and red backgrounds depending on their level of difficulty.

There is even a page from the illustrator Chris Kennett where he breaks down how to draw the main character from each book. Take a look at how to to draw Bat-Boy Tim.

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