Our Mission

Our mission is to help parents and caregivers find great books and products for their kids.

About Lagoon Kids Books

I became an independent consultant with Usborne Books & More in February of 2021. We have had Usborne books for years now. My 4 year old's first book was the Baby's First Very Noisy Train Book. Since then our collection has grown and grown!

I attended a party in early 2021 and I got to thinking about selling the books myself. We love them, my kids love them, they are high quality and they have books for kids of all ages. I knew this was something I could do while my 1 year old naps and my 4 year old is at preschool and have fun with it.

Usborne Books & More is always adding great new books to their collection. They have over 2000 titles in their catalog right now. I know this can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don't already know what you are looking for.

I created this site to help parents figure out which books would be great for their kids. Our 4 year old Michael loves Beast Feast, Nibbles, Look Inside Wild Weather, and The Biggest Story. Aiden who is 1 loves all of the sound books we have (Night, Jungle, Zoo, Winter, Farm, and Woodland.

If you need some help creating a list for your kids, please send me an email at info@lagoonkidsbooks.com.