April Specials

April 9, 2021

Every month Usborne puts out Internet and Customer Specials. The Internet Specials do not have a minimum purchase requirement. For every $40 worth of books in your cart, you get to choose 1 Customer Special. 

April Internet Specials

Epic Climbs

Was $12.99

Now $9.75

Follow Bear Grylls as he overcomes a horrific injury at the age of 23. He has to dig deep to recover from his accident. Learn how he was able to climb Mount Everest while battling extreme weather, treacherous rocks, and other dangers while attempting to climb the tallest, steepest, and most incredible peaks on Earth.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Picture Book)

Was $9.99

Now $7.50

Be sure to catch this title before it is gone. This book has very limited quantities. This beautifully illustrated picture book gives you a new look at this classic story that is told from a childlike perspective. 

Kitty Kat, Kitty Kat, Where Have You Been? - London

Was $9.99

Now $7.50

Follow Kitty Kat through the streets of London. There is a map at the front of the books showing the sites that Kitty Kat will see. Kitty Kat will see the Thames, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Parliament, the Tower of London and more. Kitty Kat also has adventures in Washington D.C. so be sure to check out that book too. 

Ludwig the Time Dog

Was $12.99

Now $9.50

Ludwig has traveled back to the time of the dinosaurs. Use the 3-D Glasses that come with this book and see how Ludwig helps get the missing dinosaur egg back to where it belongs. Ludwig the Space Dog is out of print but be sure to catch him in his Sea Adventures too. 

Mis primeras 100 palabras

Was $15.99

Now 11.99


My First 100 Words is a great book for kids learning Spanish. Learn how to say lion, zebra, snake and all sorts of other things in Spanish while looking at beautiful illustrations. 

Riverside Friends

Was $8.99

Now $6.75

Check out this great board book that has a cloth binding spine and really thick board pages that are great for little hands to turn. Come and see the animals that live near the water. See a duck  waddle, a dragonfly flutter, a fish splishing and splashing, and much more. Be sure to also check out Woodland Friends. 

Sticker Dolly Dressing Ballerinas (Reusable)

Was $9.99

Now $7.55

This sticker book has over 400 reusable stickers. Check out these ballerinas as they perform Swan Lake, The FireBird, The Nutcracker, Beauty and The Beast and more. 

Customer Specials

Lift-the-Flap Looking After Our Planet (IR)

Was $14.99

Now $8.00

This is a great way to introduce climate change to kids 6 and up. It helps them understand the challenges we are facing and some of the things that can be done to reverse the damage that has been done to our planet. 

Little Stickers Flamingos

Was $7.99

Now $5.00

Check out this sticker book that has 250 stickers. See the flamingos and other birds and insects flying high in the sky, standing in water and hatching from eggs.

The Perfect Shelter

Was $14.99

Now $8.00


This book illustrates a sickness in the family. The little girl notices that her sister isn’t feeling well. She displays a variety of emotions as her sister goes through her illness and treatment in the hospital. This book helps see that their feelings around having sick family members are normal.

Ted and Friends with CD (IR) (CV)

Was $19.99

Now $15.00


This book is a set of 12 phonics reader books and it comes with a CD that kids can listen to and follow along with the books. Be sure to find the hidden duck on every page. Some pages have fun flaps that fold out. These books have fun rhyming text that help kids learn how to read. 

That's Not My Wombat

Was $9.99

Now $6.00

This is a great touchy-feely book for your little kids. Kids will love turning the pages to find a fuzzy nose, shiny claws, smooth paws, a soft tummy, a fuzzy tongue, and fluffy ears.

Today I...

Was $8.99

Now $6.00

This book would make a great baby shower gift. It has removable milestone cards for moms and dads who like to take pictures of the milestones their kids reach. Find milestones such as had my first bath, slept through the night, got my first tooth and more. Slightly older kids will enjoy taking the cards out, mixing them up and then matching them back to where they belong.